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Delta 1S27 Arc Fault Relay



The 1S27 is a two zone arc flash protective relay for two zones and for use with up to 4 point sensors and optionally and additional fibre optic linear sensor. The compact size and flexible installation choices, DIN rail or flush mount, make the 1S27 ideal for retrofit in existing installations and the perfect solution for new switchboards.

Multi-function digital transducer with 3 analogue outputs for single-phase, split-phase and 3 or 4-wire balanced or unbalanced three-phase networks Quantities measured: Vac, Uac, Iac, P, Q, S, F, PF, phi, Cos phi, Tan phi, phiU, phiV Accuracy: Class 0.1 Voltage inputs: 480 (ph-ph) 1 MV (ph-ph) maximum primary voltage measured Current input: 1 A and 5 A 40,000 A maximum primary current measured Ratings of analogue outputs